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align-content align-items align-self all animation animation-delay animation-direction animation-duration animation-fill-mode animation-iteration-count animation-name animation-play-state animation-timing-function backface-visibility background background-attachment background-blend-mode background-clip background-color background-image background-origin background-position background-repeat background-size border border-bottom border-bottom-color border-bottom-left-radius border-bottom-right-radius border-bottom-style border-bottom-width border-collapse border-color border-image border-image-outset border-image-repeat border-image-slice border-image-source border-image-width border-left border-left-color border-left-style border-left-width border-radius border-right border-right-color border-right-style border-right-width border-spacing border-style border-top border-top-color border-top-left-radius border-top-right-radius border-top-style border-top-width border-width bottom box-shadow box-sizing caption-side clear clip color column-count column-fill column-gap column-rule column-rule-color column-rule-style column-rule-width column-span column-width columns content counter-increment counter-reset cursor direction display empty-cells filter flex flex-basis flex-direction flex-flow flex-grow flex-shrink flex-wrap float font @font-face font-family font-size font-size-adjust font-stretch font-style font-variant font-weight hanging-punctuation height justify-content @keyframes left letter-spacing line-height list-style list-style-image list-style-position list-style-type margin margin-bottom margin-left margin-right margin-top max-height max-width @media min-height min-width nav-down nav-index nav-left nav-right nav-up opacity order outline outline-color outline-offset outline-style outline-width overflow overflow-x overflow-y padding padding-bottom padding-left padding-right padding-top page-break-after page-break-before page-break-inside perspective perspective-origin position quotes resize right tab-size table-layout text-align text-align-last text-decoration text-decoration-color text-decoration-line text-decoration-style text-indent text-justify text-overflow text-shadow text-transform top transform transform-origin transform-style transition transition-delay transition-duration transition-property transition-timing-function unicode-bidi vertical-align visibility white-space width word-break word-spacing word-wrap z-index


CSS Colors

Colors are displayed combining RED, GREEN, and BLUE light.

Color Values

CSS colors are defined using a hexadecimal (HEX) notation for the combination of Red, Green, and Blue color values (RGB). The lowest value that can be given to one of the light sources is 0 (HEX 00). The highest value is 255 (HEX FF).

HEX values are written as 3 double digit numbers, starting with a # sign.


Color Color HEX Color RGB
  #000000 rgb(0,0,0)
  #FF0000 rgb(255,0,0)
  #00FF00 rgb(0,255,0)
  #0000FF rgb(0,0,255)
  #FFFF00 rgb(255,255,0)
  #00FFFF rgb(0,255,255)
  #FF00FF rgb(255,0,255)
  #C0C0C0 rgb(192,192,192)
  #FFFFFF rgb(255,255,255)
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Shades of Gray

Gray colors are displayed using an equal amount of power to all of the light sources. To make it easier for you to select the right gray color we have compiled a table of gray shades for you:

Gray Shades HEX RGB
  #000000  rgb(0,0,0) 
  #080808  rgb(8,8,8) 
  #101010  rgb(16,16,16) 
  #181818  rgb(24,24,24) 
  #202020  rgb(32,32,32) 
  #282828  rgb(40,40,40) 
  #303030  rgb(48,48,48) 
  #383838  rgb(56,56,56) 
  #404040  rgb(64,64,64) 
  #484848  rgb(72,72,72) 
  #505050  rgb(80,80,80) 
  #585858  rgb(88,88,88) 
  #606060  rgb(96,96,96) 
  #686868  rgb(104,104,104) 
  #707070  rgb(112,112,112) 
  #787878  rgb(120,120,120) 
  #808080  rgb(128,128,128) 
  #888888  rgb(136,136,136) 
  #909090  rgb(144,144,144) 
  #989898  rgb(152,152,152) 
  #A0A0A0  rgb(160,160,160) 
  #A8A8A8  rgb(168,168,168) 
  #B0B0B0  rgb(176,176,176) 
  #B8B8B8  rgb(184,184,184) 
  #C0C0C0  rgb(192,192,192) 
  #C8C8C8  rgb(200,200,200) 
  #D0D0D0  rgb(208,208,208) 
  #D8D8D8  rgb(216,216,216) 
  #E0E0E0  rgb(224,224,224) 
  #E8E8E8  rgb(232,232,232) 
  #F0F0F0  rgb(240,240,240) 
  #F8F8F8  rgb(248,248,248) 
  #FFFFFF  rgb(255,255,255) 

Shades of Red

If you look at the color table below, you will see the result of varying the red light from 0 to 255, while keeping the green and blue light at zero.

Click on the hexadecimal values, if you want to analyze the color in our color picker.

Red Light HEX RGB
  #000000  rgb(0,0,0)
  #080000  rgb(8,0,0)
  #100000  rgb(16,0,0)
  #180000  rgb(24,0,0)
  #200000  rgb(32,0,0)
  #280000  rgb(40,0,0)
  #300000  rgb(48,0,0)
  #380000  rgb(56,0,0)
  #400000  rgb(64,0,0)
  #480000  rgb(72,0,0)
  #500000  rgb(80,0,0)
  #580000  rgb(88,0,0)
  #600000  rgb(96,0,0)
  #680000  rgb(104,0,0)
  #700000  rgb(112,0,0)
  #780000  rgb(120,0,0)
  #800000  rgb(128,0,0)
  #880000  rgb(136,0,0)
  #900000  rgb(144,0,0)
  #980000  rgb(152,0,0)
  #A00000  rgb(160,0,0)
  #A80000  rgb(168,0,0)
  #B00000  rgb(176,0,0)
  #B80000  rgb(184,0,0)
  #C00000  rgb(192,0,0)
  #C80000  rgb(200,0,0)
  #D00000  rgb(208,0,0)
  #D80000  rgb(216,0,0)
  #E00000  rgb(224,0,0)
  #E80000  rgb(232,0,0)
  #F00000  rgb(240,0,0)
  #F80000  rgb(248,0,0)
  #FF0000  rgb(255,0,0)

16 Million Different Colors

The combination of Red, Green and Blue values from 0 to 255 gives a total of more than 16 million different colors to play with (256 x 256 x 256).

Most modern monitors are capable of displaying at least 16384 different colors.

Web Safe Colors?

Many years ago, when computers supported maximum 256 different colors, a list of 216 "Web Safe Colors" was suggested as a Web standard (reserving 40 fixed system colors).

This is not important now, since most computers can display millions of different colors.

This 216 hex values cross-browser color palette was created to ensure that all computers would display the colors correctly when running a 256 color palette:

000000 000033 000066 000099 0000CC 0000FF
003300 003333 003366 003399 0033CC 0033FF
006600 006633 006666 006699 0066CC 0066FF
009900 009933 009966 009999 0099CC 0099FF
00CC00 00CC33 00CC66 00CC99 00CCCC 00CCFF
00FF00 00FF33 00FF66 00FF99 00FFCC 00FFFF
330000 330033 330066 330099 3300CC 3300FF
333300 333333 333366 333399 3333CC 3333FF
336600 336633 336666 336699 3366CC 3366FF
339900 339933 339966 339999 3399CC 3399FF
33CC00 33CC33 33CC66 33CC99 33CCCC 33CCFF
33FF00 33FF33 33FF66 33FF99 33FFCC 33FFFF
660000 660033 660066 660099 6600CC 6600FF
663300 663333 663366 663399 6633CC 6633FF
666600 666633 666666 666699 6666CC 6666FF
669900 669933 669966 669999 6699CC 6699FF
66CC00 66CC33 66CC66 66CC99 66CCCC 66CCFF
66FF00 66FF33 66FF66 66FF99 66FFCC 66FFFF
990000 990033 990066 990099 9900CC 9900FF
993300 993333 993366 993399 9933CC 9933FF
996600 996633 996666 996699 9966CC 9966FF
999900 999933 999966 999999 9999CC 9999FF
99CC00 99CC33 99CC66 99CC99 99CCCC 99CCFF
99FF00 99FF33 99FF66 99FF99 99FFCC 99FFFF
CC0000 CC0033 CC0066 CC0099 CC00CC CC00FF
CC3300 CC3333 CC3366 CC3399 CC33CC CC33FF
CC6600 CC6633 CC6666 CC6699 CC66CC CC66FF
CC9900 CC9933 CC9966 CC9999 CC99CC CC99FF
FF0000 FF0033 FF0066 FF0099 FF00CC FF00FF
FF3300 FF3333 FF3366 FF3399 FF33CC FF33FF
FF6600 FF6633 FF6666 FF6699 FF66CC FF66FF
FF9900 FF9933 FF9966 FF9999 FF99CC FF99FF